Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Kansas City, KS)

Central Thinking about seminary? Wondering if you should receive a theological education for ministry leadership? These are important questions and should not be taken lightly. Seminary is an important part of increasing knowledge and developing skills for ministry. While all Christians are welcome to learn at Central, the seminary’s degree programs are designed for Christians led to a deeper level of service and leadership in the vast community of faith.

While our accredited Masters programs require a Bachelors degree, there are also ways for persons without an undergraduate degree to receive an education. The Diploma in Theological Studies is a certificate program leading students through biblical studies, theological studies, and basic ministry classes. Also, persons without a Bachelors degree can take classes for continuing education, which we call Lifelong Learning.

Students at Central Baptist Theological Seminary come from many places in ministry, from a life in ministry that expands over decades to the person who has yet to take a ministry position. Students come to seminary with different objectives. Some students may simply want to be better interpreters of the Bible, while others are preparing for a lifetime of service as pastors, chaplains, and missionaries. No matter the objective, seminarians have the same goal. They want to be better servant leaders.

Seminary can be a place to explore God’s calling to ministry. Many people who come to seminary are not quite sure where God is leading. They may feel that seminary is where they need to go but do not yet know their place in ministry.

If uncertainty about ministry direction is holding you back, we encourage you to “test the waters.” Take a class. Take the first step in the journey. Think of it as “dipping your toe in the water.”
Wherever you are in the process, be encouraged that many others have gone before you with anxious steps but kept following God’s lead. So what is the next step? Make contact. Pick up the phone (913-667-5707) or send an email. We would like to hear from you!

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